Facebook’s “House Of Fun”, Other Games And Their Many Problems

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The agile practices definitely work best under certain circumstances (smaller teams, usually in-house or contract development with a single customer), but that doesn’t mean that the practices themselves are necessarily crazy. You always have to experiment to find what works best for your organization and your business, but it’s certainly worth knowing about all the different “agile” practices so that you can make informed decisions about what to try or perhaps how to take existing ideas and change them to suit your needs. Overall, I think the agile proponents have certainly done more harm than good in pushing people towards a more sane, iterative development model.

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In the upcoming releases, there will certainly be more and more out of the box integrations between these apps and the UI across these apps will be very unified, so that user cannot really notice any difference when they switch between apps. These apps will also exchange data seamlessly and talk to each other (There already many scenarios of data exchange between Dynamics 365 For sales and Operations apps on the first release that came out on NOV 1st). This obviously achieves Microsoft’s primarily goal of launching Dynamics 365, which is to combine the CRM and ERP offerings under one unified cloud service, so that customers and users can take optimum advantage of these to streamline their sales, marketing and operations, get high returns on investment, at a much lesser cost.

Think about it ! Once your data is available in CDS via the Data integrator from multiple applications, Power users of your organization can write business apps (Mobile or tablet based) using this data and PowerApps and extend the business processes more with this. I explained some of my initial observation about PowerApps and CDS in my earlier post here. In future, Microsoft will surely make it easier by providing more and more out of the box data integration templates for more data integration scenarios and will automate the data sync to CDS automatically at some point, so that the data will be readily available in CDS any time for you to consume and use.

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